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Assessing needs ... an affordable experience

Oakley House Training and Support Centre offers various psycho-educational assessments as part of our new and exciting Educational Psychologist Internship Programme.

Assessments are carried out by top Educational Psychology Masters students, under the strict supervision of a highly respected and experienced Educational Psychologist, university lecturer and the Head of Oakley House Training & Support Centre. With this internship programme we aim to give top students the best possible experience while offering psycho-educational assessments at a much reduced, more affordable rate.

Our assessments are available to external clients as well as our Oakley House learners.

We offer the following assessments:

Psycho-Educational Assessment

Cognitive Assessment

Scholastic Assessment

School Readiness Assessment (both group and individual)

Career and Subject Choice Assessment (both group and individual)

Process and procedure


Booking request

Complete the online Assessment Booking form.


The procedure

Once a request has been made, the following happens:

  • A consent form will be sent to the parents
  • After the receipt of the signed consent form, the parents/guardian will be contacted by the Assessor

What does this cost?

Costs are kept to an affordable minimum. For parents seeking reimbursement from their medical aid, standard BHF rates will apply. (Fees are subject to an annual review.)

Psycho-Educational Assessment – R4125

Cognitive Assessment – R2750

Scholastic Assessment – R2750

Career and Subject Choice Assessment (both group and individual) – R2750 per assessment

Emotional/behavioural Assessment – R1650

School Readiness Assessment (both group and individual) – R1650 per assessment

Kindly be advised that a booking fee of R1000 will be applicable for a complete Psycho-Educational Assessment, and a booking fee of R500 will be charged for all other assessments. Please note that the booking fee is non-refundable if the assessment is cancelled within two weeks of the scheduled assessment date.