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Oakley House Training and Support Centre addresses the need for specialist training in Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) and Inclusive Education.

Our aim is to share our in-depth knowledge, expertise and experience by providing a comprehensive programme of accredited courses for teachers, student teachers, teaching assistants, facilitators and other professionals working within the field of SpLD and Inclusive Education.

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Why can't they learn?

Are you frustrated that your students are:


not trying?

unable to read?

not focusing?

We know what it’s like when your student is not making progress and we understand your frustration.
We can help you.

If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn. – Ignacio Estrada

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Upcoming 2020 webinars

From My Perspective

Personal experiences of barriers to learning with Down's Syndrome, Austism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Speakers: Sheri Brynard, Emile Gouws and Prof Renata Schoeman.

Carien Maree – Training Centre Team Coordinator and Presenter

Carien Maree

Carien has worked as a Learning Support Teacher in the government and private sectors, with specific focus on supporting children with a range of learning barriers in the classroom. She completed her Master’s degree in Educational Support and specialises in Inclusive Classroom Practice. Currently, she is pursuing her Doctorate degree in Inclusive Education. Carien is passionate about equipping teachers with the essential skills and knowledge through continuous professional development, to allow for successful learning opportunities for all learners in their care.