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Educate yourself in the field of learning difficulties

Oakley House Training and Support Centre addresses the need for specialist training in Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) and Inclusive Education.

Our aim is to share our in-depth knowledge, expertise and experience by providing a comprehensive programme of accredited courses for teachers, student teachers, teaching assistants, facilitators and other professionals working within the field of SpLD and Inclusive Education.

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Why can't they learn?

Are you frustrated that your students are:


not trying?

unable to read?

not focusing?

We know what it’s like when your student is not making progress and we understand your frustration.
We can help you.

If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn. – Ignacio Estrada

Courses and workshops

Consider taking one of our online courses or book a face-to-face workshop.

Peruse our many accredited professional development courses that we have available. Work at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

Face-to-face workshops are available for booking if you are a group (of more than 5 persons) or an education institution. Please contact our Training & Support Centre office, by clicking on the button below, for further information/booking of a workshop.

Course specials and upcoming events

May Focus Month Special 2024

MAY SPECIAL • 35% off these online SACE accredited courses (now only R1039)

Scholastic Assessment and Planning for Support. Focusing on the role of assessments in effectively supporting a child. This course provides information to guide teachers and parents to understand and make informed decisions on support and intervention in order for a child to develop optimally.
20 CPTD points (SACE)

The Multidisciplinary Team. A multidisciplinary approach to educational support brings together professionals from within and beyond the school, including specialist or support teachers, psychologists, social workers and health professionals. Multidisciplinary teams have the potential to offer a range of services to support learners at school.
20 CPTD points (SACE)

Oakley House Training & Support: Online Conference 2024

ANNUAL ONLINE CONFERENCE 2024 • Navigating Neurodiversity

Navigating Neurodiversity is dedicated to delving deep into the multifaceted aspects of neurodivergence, building on the success of our past events, and offering expanded content and a truly exceptional line-up of speakers.
To accommodate the breadth of topics, we have split the conference into two full-day sessions.

DAY ONE | Saturday 1 June

From Awareness to Acceptance: Embracing Neurodiversity

DAY TWO | Saturday 2 November

From Awareness to Understanding: EDA (Extreme Demand Avoidance)

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Carien Maree – Training Centre Team Coordinator and Presenter

Sonja Engelbrecht

Sonja started her career in education in 2007, teaching at a government school for 2 years. She then followed her interest in Learning Support and Inclusive Education and worked as a teacher at a Private Remedial TSSA School for 6 years of which the last three years were spent running a department.
In 2015 Sonja was appointed as the Principal of an ISASA registered Remedial School, specializing in Neuro-Development, Learner Support and Remediation of neurodiverse learners. Sonja is passionate about brain-based learning, thinking skills, and really teaching to learners' needs.
Her continuous mission is to equip teachers across South Africa with the essential skills and knowledge, through continuous professional development, to allow for optimal learning opportunities for all learners in their care.