At Oakley House Preparatory School we work hard at fostering the development of the whole child. Each child comes to our school with an individual set of needs and we endeavour to meet him or her right there. A happy and confident child, who is able to learn and thrive, is our goal and we work hard as a team to achieve that every day for each individual child walking through our doors.

Over the past eleven years, we have grown from a school of ten children to over two hundred across the two campuses. We offer the National CAPS curriculum to Matric which enables children to transition well, coming in from, or returning back to mainstream schools. Although we follow the CAPS curriculum, we teach using specialised techniques and offer our children individualised education and development programs (IEDPs). This includes breaking each class into smaller like-ability groups for teaching specific literacy skills and Mathematics.

Our class teachers, who are all specialist teachers in the field of remedial education, work closely with a multidisciplinary team, all dedicated to their work with our children. There are three speech and language therapists, two occupational therapists, an ASD counsellor and specialist, and a counselling psychologist who all work in a private capacity on our campus.

We have one Grade R class and two classes for Grades 1-6. At the end of the Grade 6 year, the children move up to the High School campus. Our classes are small – we cater for up to fifteen Grade Rs but do not exceed ten in each of our other classes. We also have one ALP (Amended Learning Program) class for those children who are not able to access the full CAPS curriculum but need an even more individualised program.

In addition to our academic program, our children enjoy the benefit of lessons in Art, Drama, Music, Computers and Physical Education. We also offer a host of extra mural activities that include: Karate, Playball, Soccer, Cricket, Arts and Crafts, Baking, Experi Buddies, Hip Hop Dancing and Steel Band, as well as clubs for Lego, Computers and Drama.

This year has seen change in the Preparatory school in that Mrs Fourie, the principal of eight years, left us to move on in her career as an educator. It is my privilege to take over from her, having worked closely alongside her for two and a half years. My mission is to continue working hard to ensure an excellent education for each child in the Oakley family.

A quote from Alfie Kohn resonates with me as I write this: “If children feel safe, they can take risks, ask questions, make mistakes, learn to trust, share their feelings, and grow.” This is what we are about at Oakley House School. We offer a safe haven for children to experience success, to develop a deep sense of self confidence and therefore to grow and flourish. My desire, as principal of this special school, is to hear and see happy children engaged in meaningful learning and thereby reaching their full potential.

We are passionate about our work at Oakley House and would welcome a visit from any family who are concerned about their child’s learning and development. Please do not hesitate to contact me, or the school office, should you have any queries.


Catherine Fourie Picture Principal
& Head of Intermediate Phase