At OAKLEY HOUSE PREPARATORY SCHOOL, our curriculum is aligned to the National CAPS curriculum, but we believe that what sets us apart from other schools is the manner in which we teach, with an emphasis on multisensory teaching, and the individualised support which we provide. Although our maximum class size from Grade 1 - Grade 6 is ten, our children are placed into even smaller like-ability groups for Mathematics and Literacy Hour work every day in order to target areas for development in these two core skill sets.
Our multi-disciplinary team, which includes three Speech Therapists, two Occupational Therapists and an Autism Spectrum specialist, works alongside our remedially qualified teachers to develop an Individual Education and Development Plan (IEDP) for each child. In addition to our intense remedial focus, we also believe passionately in the development of the whole child, so our children enjoy lessons in Physical Education, Art, Drama, Music and Computers as part of their school week. They also participate in a full extra-mural programme which includes activities such as Modern and Hip Hop dancing, Steel Band, Experi-Buddies, Arts and Crafts and Baking, and there are clubs for Lego, Computers, and Drama. We also offer a variety of sporting activities including a Sports Club, Soccer, Cricket, Karate and Playball.    

In 2017 we were thrilled to be celebrate our 10th birthday, a significant milestone in our history! In 2007 we opened our doors to ten children. Now, eleven years later, we have over 200 children enrolled across two campuses, and our second matric class will write the National Senior Certificate this year! It is our unshakeable belief that “Tall oaks from little acorns grow.” (David Everett). As a staff, we have enjoyed the satisfaction and privilege of seeing so many children enter our school with significantly diminished self-esteem and poor self-confidence, and leave us with a firmly established understanding of their strengths and a confidence in knowing how to best support their areas of challenge. We have developed a reputation as a school of excellence for children with special learning needs, and we are proud to be known as the school of choice for many families, both locally, nationally and internationally.
We are proud to say that we have had children enrolled at Oakley House who have come from The United States of America, England, Ireland, South Korea, St Martins in the Caribbean, Indonesia, Tobago and Slovakia. We are immensely proud of our children and our school.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to visit either of Preparatory campus!


Catherine Fourie Picture Principal