A warm welcome to the Intermediate Phase of Oakley House Preparatory School.

The Intermediate Phase of a child’s education is an exciting one as it is in this phase that they begin to study the subjects of Natural and Social Sciences. As in the Foundation Phase, we aim is to provide a complete education by following the national CAPS curriculum, covering all the subjects covered in traditional schools but also incorporating Occupational, Speech and Language, Remedial and Psychological therapies to suit the individual child.
Our ultimate aim is to reintroduce the child to mainstream education. We aim to ensure that pupils are self-confident, well-adjusted, independent and mature members of the community.

A ratio of 1:10 in Grades 4 to 6 enables teachers to continue to offer much one-on-one support and to work towards developing each individual learner’s strengths. In the Intermediate Phase, we continue to group our learners in small, like-ability groups for English and for Mathematics in order to differentiate their learning and support. In the Intermediate Phase each learner continues to work on an Individualised Education Programme drawn up by the class teacher with input from the multi-disciplinary team and the parents. This Individualised Education Programme is implemented through differentiation within the classroom as well as home programme activities. A range of high interest extra-mural activities are offered to our learners, and we also offer homework classes in the afternoons in this phase.


Intermediate Phase Teachers
Grade 4 Lindsay Morgan lmorgan@oakleyhouse.co.za
Grade 4 & Assistant Head of IP Alice Stegmann astegmann@oakleyhouse.co.za
Grade 5 Samantha Young syoung@oakleyhouse.co.za
Grade 5 Monique Olsen molsen@oakleyhouse.co.za
Grade 6 Deborah le Roux dleroux@oakleyhouse.co.za
Grade 6 Giovanna Nalli gnalli@oakleyhouse.co.za
IP ALP & Deputy Pricipal Terry Constable tconstable@oakleyhouse.co.za
IP Learning Support Lee-Anne Blanckensee lblanckensee@oakleyhouse.co.za
Intermediate Phase Head of Department and Principal Sandra Wiesner swiesner@oakleyhouse.co.za