A warm welcome to the Foundation Phase of Oakley House Preparatory School.

We aim to provide our children with an excellent, exciting education where they feel confident and secure to learn and grow. We provide a broad, balanced, enriched curriculum to fulfil each child’s potential and develop lively, independent, enquiring and creative minds.

The atmosphere at our school is a gentle, happy and friendly one, as it is our intention for each child to grow, flourish and thrive. The classes are small and the dedicated staff ensures that each child receives a quality, holistic education.

At Oakley House Preparatory School we take into account each child’s individual talents and needs as we build the foundation for lifelong learning. Our children are given opportunities to develop as unique individuals and to achieve their full potential. They experience the excitement and achievement of developing and mastering relevant skills, concepts, and attitudes through teaching methods which stimulate, motivate and encourage.


Foundation Phase Teachers
Grade R Robyn Gomes-Luis rgomes-luis@oakleyhouse.co.za
Grade 1 Charmaine Moys cmoys@oakleyhouse.co.za
Grade 1 Megan Venturas mventuras@oakleyhouse.co.za
Grade 2 Melissa Botha mbotha@oakleyhouse.co.za
Grade 2 Linda Batteson lbatteson@oakleyhouse.co.za
Grade 3 Megan Daly mdaly@oakleyhouse.co.za
Grade 3 Kylie Atkinson katkinson@oakleyhouse.co.za
Grade 3 Maths Rosemary Kehl rkehl@oakleyhouse.co.za
FP Learner Support Jana Lathleiff jlathleiff@oakleyhouse.co.za
FP Head of Department Megan Daly mdaly@oakleyhouse.co.za
FP ALP Lindsay Morgan lmorgan@oakleyhouse.co.za