Is there hope heading

Having a learning difficulty is puzzling and scary for a child. He may start off trying his best at learning with his peers, but will often end up being left behind. He is likely to be teased by his peers and labelled as dumb or lazy by his teachers.

The good news, however, is that even though it may be hard, the child with learning difficulties has the ability to learn almost anything – if his problems are identified and appropriate intervention is put in place. It is important to remember that children with learning difficulties are just as intelligent as their peers – their brains are simply wired differently for learning. They need to be taught in ways that are best adapted to how they process information.

Many children with learning difficulties grow up to be achievers, successful in their own right. Many may never excel in reading, and a huge number may be poor spellers, but they may still become successful in business, mechanical fields, architecture, the arts, and many other occupations. But without help, nearly 40 percent of adolescents with learning difficulties drop out of school.


Is there hope for a child with a learning difficulty?