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Committed to staying competitive

Oakley House School is committed to keeping our tuition fees as competitive as possible while providing your child with the best education.

Under certain circumstances, tuition fees at Oakley House School are tax deductible under medical expenses.
For further information, consult with your tax advisor.

2022 fee structure

Tuition fees – Grades 1-12
  Monthly fees Quarterly fees Annual fees Discounted
annual fees (5%)
Grade 1-6, Foundation
and Intermediate ALP
R9 930.00 R29 790.00 R119 160.00 R113 202.00
Grade 7-11, ALP Senior
R10 910.00 R32 730.00 R130 920.00 R124 374.00
Grade 12* R13 092.00 R32 730.00 R130 920.00 R124 374.00

*Grade 12 monthly fees payable over 10 months: first payment on 01/01/2022, thereafter on the 1st of each month, up to and including 01/10/2022.

Fees to be paid in advance.

Monthly fees are paid over 12 months and are due on the 1st day of each month.
Quarterly fees are due on the 1st day of each term.
A 5% discount is given on annual fees that are paid before the 31st of January.

Aftercare fees – Preparatory School only
Casual day rate Monthly fees Quarterly fees
R140.00 R1 600.00 R4 400.00

Monthly fees are paid over 11 months and are due on the 1st day of each month.

Costs for new enrolments

In addition to the tuition fees and aftercare fees (if applicable), the following fees shall be payable by parents/legal guardians for all newly enrolled children:

  1. Observation fee – R1 500.00 (see Admissions Procedure)
  2. Non-refundable placement fee – R25 000.00

The non-refundable placement fee shall be allocated by Oakley House School towards administration charges, school development costs, infrastructure costs, teaching resources and classroom equipment.

Additional fees

Parents/legal guardians are liable for an annual fee of R2 180.00 for each child that they have registered at Oakley House School. This fee is in respect of academic handouts and modules, and includes printing and photocopies.

Sundry charges may be applicable and are payable upon receipt of the monthly statement.
The following items inter alia may be included under ‘sundry charges’:

  • Facilitator support
  • Exam or test support
  • Stationery supplied by Oakley House School
  • Workbooks or textbooks supplied by Oakley House School
  • School outings and school camps
  • Extra-mural activities

Notice period

Should parents wish to withdraw their child from Oakley House School, written notice must be given not later than the first week of the child’s proposed final term, failing which the fees for the following term will be payable in full, whether or not the child returns to school.

What our families are saying about us

Oakley House is equipped to accommodate learners with a variety of challenges. They care and firmly believe in helping kids become a meaningful part of society, without the patronising judgement and underestimation of their potential. They have been a godsend, which we will forever be grateful for.
– Family Mathewson
Oakley House High School is an amazing school. It is a warm, homely environment where children learn and grow in small classes, with nurturing staff who are trained to help children with learning difficulties to achieve their full potential. The best thing we ever did was to move our son to Oakley House!
– Family Witte
We cannot thank Oakley enough for their well-developed planning, innovative techniques, and fair assessments that have given us confidence in our children’s current abilities and potential. The Oakley House School feels like the end of a journey both literally and figuratively.
– Family LeBranche