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A learning difficulty is a neurological condition that interferes with a child’s ability to store, process, or produce information.

Learning difficulties can affect a child’s ability to read, write, speak, spell, do mathematics and reason. They can also affect a child’s attention, memory, coordination, social skills and emotional maturity. A child with learning difficulties works below his potential, lags behind his peers and cannot cope with the demands of school despite the appropriate efforts.

In order to determine that there actually is a problem, and identify what the problem is, it is necessary to conduct a series of tests. Assessment scores represent an approximate baseline. We predicate our expectancy for the child on them and get a clear picture of what skills the child lacks. Furthermore, they form the basis for intervention and a guide for creating individual education programmes. If we do not have a sound assessment foundation, we have no basis on which to judge progress.

The following assessment services can be arranged for anyone interested:

• Psychometric assessments
• Scholastic assessments
• Dyslexia screening
• Speech and Language assessments
• Occupational therapy assessments