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Enrolment is year-round

At Oakley House School we consider applications at any point throughout the year.

As a small specialist school, we carefully assess the suitability of each child before making a decision as to whether we can offer placement.

Applicants should be of average or above cognitive ability, and an assessment from an Educational Psychologist should indicate the nature and extent of their learning difficulties.

Oakley House will not accept children who have primary emotional or behavioural problems which might seriously inhibit their progress or compromise the learning of others.

General admissions procedure

The Oakley House School general admissions procedure is followed to determine whether an applicant fits our criteria for acceptance:


Submit documents

  • Current Psychoeducational Evaluation, and any other specialist reports
  • Current school reports
  • Recent visual and auditory screening reports
  • Certified copies of parents/ guardians identity documents
  • Full birth certificate of the child
  • Completed application form

Interview with principal

  • Based on the documents received, an interview with the principal may be arranged
  • A tour of the school will be given at this time
  • An observation period for the learner may be arranged

Observation period

  • A non-refundable assessment and administration fee of R1800.00 will be required
  • Performance is observed for a period of 5 full school days
  • No written reports are given to parents/guardians
  • Acceptance is based on assessment results and general observations by teachers during this period

Admission requirements may differ for each one of our campuses. Please check on their pages for specific application requirements/procedures. Click below to view our PDF prospectuses.