Administration Manager and Bursar
Elaine Lawson
Elaine deals efficiently with all matters relating to school fees and other monies.
Preparatory School - Magdel Briel
High School - Sharon Maree
Our school secretaries are always available to answer calls and take messages, respond to queries, bandage scraped knees and dry tears.
Our team of assistants, Alverna Lott and Lerene Nichols (at the Preparatory School) and Mirriam Arendse (at the High School) are kept very busy helping our teachers with photocopying, laminating, cutting and pasting worksheets, and in some cases, facilitating children in the classrooms.
IT Technician
Facilities Manager
Robin Smaill
Under the care of our facilities manager and his team, Christina Mazinga, Zione Jafali, Mirriam Arendse, Anton Majuni and Austin Kam'gundah, our buildings and grounds are kept clean, neat, and in tip-top shape.