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Embracing differences

Oakley House School is a leading independent special needs school in Cape Town, providing quality education from grades 1 – 12 for those who struggle to achieve their full potential in large traditional schools.

We recognise that our students are unique learners, that they process information differently to what is expected in a conventional classroom, and we understand that they need a different approach to learning.

At Oakley House School, we embrace that difference.

Oakley House Oak tree

The Oakley House Story

Since opening its doors in 2007 with just ten children, in a beautiful cottage with a large oak tree in the garden, Oakley House School has been empowering children with specific learning difficulties and differences to recognise and optimise their potential.
Oakley House was founded on the belief that every child who learns differently can learn, that they are entitled to an inspiring educational environment with teaching tailored to how they learn best.... With this ethos embedded in all that we do, we have developed a reputation that has attracted attention to our school from across the globe.
As you step through the doors of our school, you know it is a special place. From the carefully orchestrated play in Grade 1 to the focussed head-down-work in grade 12, there are sounds of learning echoing from every classroom. There is so much to see here – come and see us in action.
And with the inception of our Training and Support Centre in 2017, we are excited at the possibilities of our specialised training programmes, educating those in the field of special needs teaching with best practices in the classroom.
We look forward to welcoming you to our school. We are enormously proud of the amazing achievements of our children and young people over the years, and feel sure you will share our enthusiasm for our unique learning community.

We see the possibilities. We see the potential in each of them.


We believe that every child with learning difficulties can learn, that they are entitled to an inspiring educational environment with teaching tailored to how they learn best.
We believe that effective learning and teaching is based on understanding a child's individual profile, and on nurturing holistic development through engaging and interactive academic, emotional, physical, social and therapeutic programmes.


We aim to make a significant impact in the lives of students with learning difficulties, equipping them with the tools, skills, and confidence to become independent learners who are able to succeed in school.

We are committed to

  • Creating extraordinary educational opportunities for students with learning difficulties
  • Putting all our students at the centre of their learning
  • Teaching skills and strategies to overcome learning challenges
  • Identifying and developing strengths

Our Oakley House Family

We believe that the school cannot work in isolation and encourage a team approach to education.
To us, teamwork means:

Oakley House Parent Support icon

Parent Partnership

A strong parent/guardian partnership that is critical to a child’s successful learning.

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Passion & Dedication

Passionate, dedicated teachers working to break down barriers and rebuild self-confidence.

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Close collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of private specialists.

The Oakley House Leadership

Lynn Gould
Lynn Gould
Sandre Wiesner
Sandra Wiesner
Catherine Fourie
Catherine Fourie
James Buchanan
James Buchanan
Sonja Engelbrecht
Sonja Engelbrecht